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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Addicting Reality TV

When it comes to being a media consumer, I consume at least four hours a week of reality TV. The phenomenon of reality television shows have taken over the air waves. There are almost a hundred reality shows on television, and almost all of them are addicting to most people.
Growing up I used to only want to watch cartoons and kid shows like “Sesame Street” and “Barney”. I then went through a stage when I never watched TV because there was nothing that interested me on TV, and I never had time. Now, since the invention of reality TV, I have to watch TV when my shows are on. The two reality TV shows I am addicted to are “Laguna Beach the real Orange County” and “So you think you can Dance”. Now every Wednesday and Thursday from seven to ten o’clock at night I am glued to my television. There is something really mysterious to me about these reality TV shows that make them so addicting.
You have to admit I am not the only one addicted to reality shows. It has been proven reality TV is the most popular and most watched shows on the air waves. Besides TV drama series such as “Desperate Housewives”, “Law and Order”, and the soap operas, reality shows have the most viewers. There is just something about watching normal living working people on TV doing crazy stunts for large amounts of cash on “Fear Factor”, families switching wives on “Trading Spouses”, and people displaying their singing talents on the ever so popular “American Idol”. These shows are addicting because they are people just like us on TV, so viewers can relate to them. For me, “Laguna Beach” is so addicting because I can relate to all the characters and drama, since all teenagers experience the same drama throughout their young lives. When I watch this show I feel like I am watching a show of my own life as well because I can relate so easily to the characters, besides the fact that I don’t live on a beach (I wish). As for the other show I am addicted to: “So you think you can Dance” is definitely one of my favorites because I love dance. I am so addicted to this reality show because I love dancing, so to watch other dancers dance in all types of genres was very entertaining.
People love reality TV because it is very entertaining and viewers can easily relate to the people; which make these shows so addicting. These shows certainly have me addicted; I even plan my schedule around the times my shows come on. I love reality TV, and I am glad it is here to stay; I’m sure a million other Americans agree that reality television is the best invention yet.


At 9/04/2006 6:09 PM, Anonymous Lilly said...

Since you like reality shows, you might want to take Sudeshna up on her offer.

At 9/06/2006 9:42 PM, Blogger Alli Zezoney said...

I am a Laguna Finatic. I feel that once you become attached to a t.v. show you become hooked and actually will take on a t.v. show's personalities quirks. I have heard tons of people say "dunzo" like from Laguna. Its amazing how attached you become with these characters...and get physically sad after the show stops til next season. Loved the blog...and Laguna Beach


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