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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Downfall of the Emmy's

Growing up, I probably watched the emmy's maybe three or four times. Not because I did not like the show, because honestly I enjoy award shows such as the MTV video and music video awards. I did not enjoy the Emmy's because the people me and my family believed should have won in the category never ever did. It seemed in every category the more older nominess won, maybe because they were old, or becuase they have a lot of experience and deserve the award. I just never found it fair that the nominee that actually deserved the award never won the Emmy.
In an article "And the Winner Is...Not You, Dear Emmy Viewer" by Simon Dumenco states the facts that the Emmy's just are not fair, and the older and wiser always win. They say the Emmy's are based on the peoples votes, but are these voters really voting fair? Obviously not, if the Emmy's use their campaigns mailings sent to voters to persuade them to vote for who they want to win. This is not fair since most voters have not even watched a single episode of any of the nominess, which causes them to vote for who has been publicized the most. By doing this the nominee who truly deserve the award does not win. The Emmy corporation has a habit of giving the award to the nominee with the better life time achievement, not for the achievement in that one year; which is how it should be. The Emmy's are just not fair to me which is why I choose not to watch the show, and I'm sure many others feel the same way.


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