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Saturday, August 26, 2006

The importance of Magazines

As i completed the"Media Use Inventory" survery i realized out of reading newspapers, books, watching tv, listening to the raido, and being on the computer; reading magazines is what i spend most of my time on.
When it comes time for me to read, a magazine is always what i choose. Teen people, Cosmo Girl, Glamour, and Seventeen magazines are all my favorite. For me magazines offer so much information and contain many articles that interest me and even help me with solving problems of my own life. Since i want to be a magazine writer myself, magazines for me and most of my friends and family is the most popular form of reading.
Magazines that i read are mostly for teenagers and young adults who are grwoing up and want to read articles they can relate to. For example the articles in teen people about dealing with loss and broken hearts, or the articles in cosmo girl about surving high school, or how to succesfully prepare yourself for college. I cannot remember one magazine that i read where i did not learn something; from dealing with problems to how to have stronger abs and be on a healthier diet.
Magazines are also my favorite because of all the fashion tips they offer. From the cheapest clothes to the most expensive; magazines can show you how to pull off any look you want and even how to dress like a celebrity. Even though many people claim magazines brainwash teenagers on how they should dress and look, i never looked at it that way. I believe magazines only offer ideas to people, and they can either use their ideas or not.
Magazines are a huge part of my reading selection, not only for the articles and information, but because I want to learn as much as I can from them; because i want to be a magazine writer myself. The more of them that i read, the more that i learn about how to write interesting and intriguing articles. Hopefully one day i will be able to say that popular magazine all the teenagers read is mine.