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Monday, December 04, 2006

The Cons of Eating Fast Food

We all are guilty of it, its late you have just done several hours of homework or being at work and the last thing you want to do is cook a meal or go to a resturant to eat, so you choose fast food. Or your on lunch break your starving and you only have thirty minutes, chances are you will probably choose fast food. So since we all do it we should all be aware that fast food is dangerous, not only because you gain weight since every meal is packed with fat and cholesterol, but you could also catch diseases and illness from unproperly prepared food. Fast food resturants are targeted by health inspectors for unproper preperation of food, for one fast food chain it lead to closing of thier store.

Taco Bell is an American favorite fast food chain besides Mcdonalds, and recently they have been acused of the sickness of nine people who caught E.Coli from one of their fast food stores. The Taco Bell in New Jersey was closed by health authorities because of an E.Coli outbreak that sickened nearly a dozen people. It affected mostly children and six people were hospitalized, this damaged the name of Taco Bell all over the states. It became worse when two patients then devoloped hemolytic uremic syndrom (HUS) which can cause permanent kidney damage. Health authorities say all fast food resturants have poor food preperation skills, which is why fast food is so dangerous to your health.

We can only hope that soon people will learn their lesson that fast food is not healthy for you in several ways, and this evidence should only prove how horrible fast food is prepared and hurtful to your body.


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