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Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Infamous Bob Barker Retires

We all know him, the famous host of the Price is Right, who says the ever so popular line: "Well come on down", is retiring. Bob Barker who will be eighty three years old on December 12 is turning in his microphone, but will still remain a legend. After thrity five years of hosting the show, he says "it is time to retire while I am still young." Barker is finally retiring after saying he was going to do so for ten years, but said he just couldn't do it because he has too much fun hosting the show.

Although Barker is leaving, he will still be and forever remain a legend of televison. Leslie Moonves; president and CEO of CBS corporation stated: "Bob Barker is a daytime legend, and entertainment icon and one of the most beloved television personalities of our time." All fans of the Price is Right not only loved the show and amazing prized you could win, they also loved Bob Barker, he was the talent and life of the show and people adored his energy.

We will all miss Bob Barker, and the owner of the Price is right have already been looking for a replacement for three years and still cannot find another human to fullfill such big shoes and expectations for the show. Barker is a legend and everyones favorite Price is Right host, no one will ever be able to replace the infamous Bob Barker; its just to sad that he has to retire and leave the show which will never be the same.


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