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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 3 Most Important Programs Ever Created

When you think of televison, you will realize that there are so many television shows that it's hard to keep track. The numerous soap operas, cartoons, informative shows, and the ever so popular reality tv shows. However, when you stop and think about all the shows taking over the air waves, have you ever wondered which ones are really important and meaningful to all people. Even though there are many shows on different channels that are informative and helpful to people, the three most important shows on televison are the news channels, the cooking channels, and the discovery channel.

The news channels are definitly one of the most important programs ever created. Without the news people all over would never be informed of what is going on in our world. We would be clueless to the latest issues or crisis's of the world, and we would never be in touch with any lives outside our own. The news also informs people of crimes in their neighboorhoods and how to be safe in and out of their homes. Without the news people would also never know the weather forcast; this is the most important part of the news to me because it is important to know the weather. Without knowing the weather how would people plan their days in the winter and summer, and be prepared for a rain storm or a scorching hot day. The news channels are very important to our society and all people around the world, because it keeps us informed of what is going on around the world and in our own communities.

Besides the news channels, the cooking channels are also just as important; and is definitly one of the most important programs ever created. The cooking channel is an aid and even the god of all kitchen and cooking fans. Without the cooking channel men and women who love to cook would not be able to learn and gain ideas to cook. However, these channels also benefit the people who cannot cook at all, without cooking channels mothers who have no clue how to cook would never be able to feed their famaily a home cook meal; besides macaroni and cheese and top ramen noodles. Many famalies have gained a lot of knowledge on cooking from these channels and have a great famaily time creating delicious meals of all kind.

The Discovery channel is without a doubt one of the most important and informative program on the air waves. I personally love the discovery channel, every show they air is informative and you learn so much. I recently watched a show on the discovery channel about the fishers that catch the fish that we buy in grocery stores. I never ever knew the dangerous and life risking job they have, but still keep to support their famalies or just because they love to fish. I have never once watched the discovery channel and did not learn a something, and for many that is the same case. The Discovery channel teaches both adults and kids that watch their shows lessons about life, and helps them gain knowledge about specific events or lives of important people.

Televison has many shows that take over the airwaves, and many are purely for enjoyment, and others are informative. However, the most important ones are definitly the news, cooking, and discovery channel. These channels are informative and helpful to all people, which makes them the three most important programs ever created.


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Those are not television shows.


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