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Saturday, October 07, 2006

World of Brainwash

Sure, video games are a form of entertainment, however, for one video game it' not just entertaining; it is brainwashing. The computer video game World Of Warcraft has taken over the lives of many children, teenagers, and even adults. The game has these poor people playing for hours, and forgetting about life outside and away from the computer. Kids dont do their homework or ever want to play outside and socialize with other kids, and adults play and don't do anything productive or valuable with their time. I really have not figured out why and how this game is so addicting, but it is definitly ruining the lives of people one at a time.

Recently, I asked an addicted and brainwashed warcraft player why it is so addicting. He responded by saying "there is no real reason why it is addciting, it's just you can't stop playing because you want to get better gear and get to the next level, which makes you want to keep playing to get to this highest level. Mainly it's the feeling you get when get better and reach new level." Another addicted player said: " When I play Warcraft I get to become a new person or character and experience a different life in new perspectives. I don't have to be myself when I play warcraft, I am someone important, who matters to people in the game, and I love that feeling." Obviously, it is only game and it is not healthy for human beings to be so addictive to a computer game and be brainwashed to believe they are doing something important and valuable with their lives by not ever being outside being active, socializing with other people, and even bathing. World of Warcraft players never leave their computer unless it is to go to the bathroom, grab a snack to eat while they play, and go to work or school. I even know someone who goes home on their work lunch break just to play.

World of Warcraft is not healthy for people, and it only causes the players to lose touch of the outside world, and forget about the important things in life. Hopefully, soon, we will be able to figure out why and how this game is so addiciting and brainwashing to humans, before it is too late.


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