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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Best Show in America

"America has voted and the favorite dancer of America is...” this is part of the reason why the show "So you think you can dance" is the best show ever. Not only because America gets to participate in the judging, but also for its many genres of dancing have had the participants performed. I have never seen so many amazing routines performed on one stage, and I have watched a lot of dancing performances in my days. It's no wonder this show has been voted number one show in America, and even beat out American Idol.The show is a replica of American Idol, except the participants are dancing instead of singing, and there are different judges. The show gets closer and closer to a winner ever week, as one girl and one guy with the least amount of Americas votes are eliminated. This voting process is what gets the American audience into the show, because they get to choose who becomes the winner; at least that’s what got me and almost everyone I know addicted to the show. Every Wednesday at eight in the evening the show begins, and you are glued to your seat the entire time, the dance routines are all so riveting. The dancers dance in such a wide variety of genres from hip hop to Australian tango. Each performance by all the dancers was breath taking, and left me watching the episodes over and over again on my Tivo trying to learn my favorite routines."So you think you can dance" is entertaining from the very first episode as you watch the armatures who try out dance their way and scare the judges away; actually the most hilarious part of the show. All the way to the end when you they are four contestants left and you are voting to hopefully get your favorite dancer to win. Luckily for me this season my favorite did win; Benji, and I contributed almost two hundred votes for him. This show is definitly without a doubt the best show in America, it deserves its title; and I know I am not the only one anxiously awaiting for next season.


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