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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Campus Village

I hate campus village with a passion. For as much money each student pays to live here these dorms should be perfect, and the staff should be nice to us. Since I have lived in both building B and C, I have experienced a lot of bull shit and I am seriously fed up with it.
First of all, the meal plans this semester changed, and now your can only use your meals at the dinning commons, and not the student union or village market. That is just ridiculous, because I do not know anyone who enjoys eating at the nasty dinning commons buffet; in fact most people i know call it "the fece" instead of the "D.C". Also, when I moved into my new dorm my key did not work to my lock, so I had to leave my door unlocked when I left, and that did not feel safe. Then when the maintence came to fix it and gave me a new key, it did not work and someone had to come open my door; this was in august and still my lock is not fixed and I can't lock my door when I leave. For paying one thousand a month for rent to live here, I expect to be able to look my door and know my belongings are safe when I leave, but I am not. On top of that the other day as me and a friend were painting our paddles outside in the courtyard, a staff memeber of the housing corporation came to me and said I needed to stop and I am going to have to pay for getting just two drops of paint on the dirty ground that is covered in trash, ciggarette butts, and dried up eggs that people throw from their windows. I was so upset and frustrated, espically when the lady tried to take away my acess card. Then of course today as I come home from a long day of school and work at eleven in the night, my access card does all of a sudden does not work and my roomate had to come let me in; so frustrating. I am so done with campus village, done with paying so much for rent and not even getting my locked fixed yet. I can't wait to move out next year.


At 9/28/2006 6:16 PM, Anonymous kim said... should lodge a complaint. i live in the campus village too. what i hate are the fire alarms & slow elevators.


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