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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Teen People: The best Magazine

There are many magazines that are targeted for teenagers, but Teen People beats them all. I have been a subscriber to Teen People for two years; I absoulutley love this magazine. I have read every issue cover to cover, and sometimes even twice. Even though people assume all teen magazines are all the same: fashion advice, quizzes, and embarrassing stories; Teen People is much more, and better then any magazine in it's genre.
Teen People has so much interesting articles and stories; and all of them are on issues teens go through, such as suicide, sex life, abusive partners, and dealing with drug problems. Along with having many stories that teens can learn and gain knowledge from, there are also details about your favorite stars. In the magazine there is a section called "Star Tracks" where there are many photos of favorite celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher and many more, with funny little captions for each picture. Teen People also has articles every issue about good work outs and diets that are simple and easy to do at home. They give you pictures and details for all the work out positions, and give you a grocery list for good food to buy. The best fashion advice for fall, spring, summer, and winter is always in Teen People. They give the best clothes for each body type; this is my favorite part of the magazine. They do not give advice assuming everyone is slim and skinny, which is fair and gives all body types ans sizes advice on what skirts, pants, shirts, dresses, and jackets they would look best in. Teen People is without a doubt the best teen magazine out there. Every issue is filles with great stories from real teens and real situations, good advice on things most teens can't talk to their parents about, gossip and pictures of your favorite celebs, and of course the the best fashion advice. Every teen should be a subscriber to teen people, I recommend it to all teens and young adults, because Teen People is honestly the best magazine.


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