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Monday, September 25, 2006

Suicide at our own SJSU

On our own campus here at San Jose State, a woman jumped to her death from the Tenth street garage. It has not been said who the woman was and why, but it was a devastating event that many students witnessed. Some students say seeing the body bag cover the woman on Tenth Street was a horrible feeling, others say the red asphalt was even worse. Just knowing that an individual was so tired of life and felt the need to end her life is a very depressing thought. Students and staff have witnessed this terrible tragedy, and the only question lingering in our minds is why? Why did that woman want to end her own life so bad that she jump to her painful death? Sadly, the only one who knows that answer is no longer with us.
It makes me so sad that there was no one to reach out to this lost soul, and make her change her mind. No one should feel there is no way out and the only was is to end their own lives. Suicide is not the answer, and finding these troubled souls is not that hard. I have had a few friends that have contemplated with suicide, and I am so glad I got to them in time; or else they would not be here with me now. I wish someone could have saved this woman, and let her know her life could be better with help and guidance. I know all our prayers are with this woman who ended her own life, I just only wish people could find another way to fix their problems with the many options they have; rather than ending their lie too soon.


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