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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Lindsay Lohan...Classy...Not Trashy

I really do not understand why people are always hating on Lindsay Lohan. I am a huge Lindsay Lohan fan, and it bothers me that people are always in her buisness and giving her untrue titles. One magazine calls her wild, another calls her a slut, and the numerous names Lohan haters give her. I believe Lohan has the right to do whatever the hell she wants. She is a grown woman, she is not a little baby anymore. There are millions of party girls all over that are juts like her and even worse that are not getting punished by the whole public because of how she acts. People are just always looking for ways to put Lohan down, and I do not believe it is fair.
Since her double role in "The Parent Trap" I was a fan; she did an amazing job in this film for being really young. From there her road to stardom began; she was an actress and also a singer and the public loved her. But how unfair is it when the more famous she got, the more the names began to spill. Lohan is young, famous and rich why can't she do what she wants. I am sure that any girl who had all that power would act the same way; even the girls that hate her. Lohan is living the dream life of many woman, which is why people hate on her so much; basically they are jealous. Lohan is an amazing actress, and people need to respect her; she is just living her life to the fullest like we all should be doing.


At 10/19/2006 10:52 AM, Blogger Lauren_G said...

i don't know if i'd call getting wasted every night and failing to show up for work living the life. lookng at it a different way, the girl is miserable and lives life in the fast lane to try and escape, in a sense, her life. she doesn't seem happy and she definitely doesn't look happy. i feel bad for her. i do think everyone cares too much about her though.


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