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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Publishing World

Without the publishing companies we have and the publishers that work there how would we ever get books? Basically we wouldn't, these companies work to supply the demand for books for all people. This world of publishing is only going to grow and evolve over the years, because the supply for books is growing anf growing. Without the publishers schools wouldn't have any books, companies wouldnt have manual's, people wouldn't be able to get a copy of their favorite books, and the list goes on and on. Our society depends on publishing companies to produce the supply and demand for books and everything else.
In my furture, I have already decided I am not having children at all, so passing on all my books to my grandchildren is not an option; but I will definitly not be throwing them in the garbage either. I have tons and tons of books too, from my first Dr.Suess books, disney books, Goosebumps, and my most precious chapter books that my grandma passed on to me. I want to keep these books in the family, and pass them on to either my niece or nephew. I do not just simply want to throw them away because many of my books have special meaning to me, and remind me of my childhood and my grandma. I know I will definitly be passing my beloved books onto a close child in my future family that will appreciate them and take care of them; as well as passing them on to their children too. I would never throw any of my books away, and I believe no one should. Books are to be valued, and not to be used to build a fire or fill up a grabage can. Which is why I plan to keep all my books, and keep them in the family as well.


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