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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Really Good Book

I recently just finished reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini; and I thought it was the best novel I have ever read. Usually, it is really hard for me to read a book and enjoy it enough to want to finish it and never put it down. However, this book was exciting and filled with saddness and action from cover to cover. I really enjoyed this book because of the great detail of everything, and the story of the book really made me realize how hard life is in Afghanistan.
The author really makes you picture how life was then and now before the Russian invasion, and the brutal attacks of the Taliban. How people lived peacefully; even though there were still racism issues against different people, there was still no fear of being murdered for no good reason at all. Then when the Taliban came people were forced out of their homes, lost everything, and had to make a new life somewhere else. For the characters in the story, they fled to America where they try to make ends meet, being an immigrant in America is not easy. The main character Amir, then returns to the home he fled at age thirteen with his father to take care of unfinished buisness, and how his home has changed for the worse is just unbearable to imagine. Public executions for entertainment, Taliban murdering people for no reason, and orphanges over packed with children who's parents have been murdered by the trecherous Taliban. I loved how every aspect of the story was explained with such great detail.
This book has definitly become one of my favorite books, it really made me realize how wrong I was about Afghanistan; their lives are much more difficult than ours will ever be. Hopefully all people who pick up this book to read will feel the same way I feel now about all the innocent people and children livivng overseas, and want to do something about it.


At 10/03/2006 12:05 PM, Blogger raggedwords said...

Hey I don't usually reply to blogs like this but the book you were talking about caught my eye aswell a couple of weeks ago and its kinda funny because there was a lady talking on an Irish radio station the other morning. One of these weekend talk shows type things but she has recently published a book aboit the time she spent travelling around Afganistan when she was a young lady and just prior to the Russian invasion. She was talking about the hospitality and the respect of the people she described one scenario where she ended up sharing a room with a young male doctor overnight and that there was never a question of anything inappropiate happening or there was never a moment where she felt in anyway threatened by having to share a room with a strange man such were the rules of hospitality in Afganistan at the time. Probably the most memorable thing she was talking about though was how she was describing visiting universities there were there was a huge female population in the studentbodu and now you can't even see a womans face never mind see a woman in university.
Just thought I would share my thoughts with you, good blog about a great gook.

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