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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hollywoods Fight against Pirates

Pirates, or people who camcord illegally; are Hollywoods newest enemy. These pirate'ers have cost the worlwide motion picture industry 18.2 billion dollar lost last year, and Hollywood is not too happy about that. The scary thing is that these pirate'ers are becoming more clever at their criminal job. The bootleg movies are becoming better in resolution and sensitivity to motion, which is causing a bigger problem for the motion picture industry.
Hollywood studios are trying to discover a solution to getting rid of pirates, and making sure bootleg are no longer able to get into the hands of movie lovers. With these pirates selling bootleg copies of movies still in theaters for a cheaper price, people no longer want to go to the movies; instead they would rather buy the DVD and stay at home. This is Hollywoods biggest fear, because without consumers going to the theaters and paying money to watch the movies, no income is being produced, which leades to even bigger problems.
These pirates are criminals and a burden to society, they are causing the Hollywood world wide motion picture industry a lot of money, and they are stealing the fun of going to the theaters to see a movie. Hopefully soon, these pirates will be caught and be punished for the illegal and criminal acts they are committing.


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