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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Howard Stern

We all know who he is and what he does on the radio, the crazy and opionionated Howard Stern is a legend on the radio. Howard Stern is one guy who does not care about the consequences of any of his actions, and he tells it like it is. He has made a statement in using radio as a communication medium by voicing his blunt opinions on topics; which are true but are never voiced to the public by anyone else since most are too scared.

When you listen to his show on satellite radio its nothing but enetrtainment and comedy, but on true topics of everyday life. Stern gives his blunt opinions on celebrities, sports, politics, and even the government; he doesnt care what people will think about his opinions which is why people love him. Stern has changed the radio by making the radio a form of communication for people to just be themselves on his show, and voice their opionions no matter how blunt, rude, or just outrageous they are; it is stil an opinion of your own and freedom of speech is golden. Stern sends a message across to people which says: "Dont be afraid to say what you want, because there is probably several people who feel the same. Voice your opinions to all people, who cares what others will think". For this, Stern is very famous and a legend on the radio for making such a bold statement and having a show that people love to listen too.

Stern is without a doubt a unique character, and a hero to many people for what he does. There are plenty of people who respect him and love his show where he talks about real life issues and gossip in our society. Even though many may hate Howard Stern for what he does or says on his show, he is still a legend, and there will never be anyone to replace the blunt and crazy many, Howard Stern.


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