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Thursday, October 26, 2006

SJSU Student Finalist

Recently, five SJSU students were named finalist in the Chevy Superbowl Ad contest. I am super ecstatic and happy for these five students, for this is the chance of a lifetime. This only proves that SJSU has an amazing Public Relations and Mass Communications department full of talented students who will take on the future and bring many great things to our media.
I am sure all SJSU students and faculty members are very proud of these students, and proud that our college SJSU will be proven worthy towards other UC's and higher colleges that claim they are the best colleges, well obviously they are about to be proven wrong. I know these five students will be amazing, and hopefully they will win the achievement of a lifetime and have theur ad chosen by Chevy to play on the Superbowl. Hopefully all of us our keeping these students in our prayers and hopes that they do well in Detroit, and we all need to wish them the best. Congradualtions you top five students of SJSU, we are all so proud of you.


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