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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Time...You Know What That Means

Its October 31st, all Hallows eve is here and everyone from ages 1-90 years old is excited. Children anxiously await school to be over and the sun to go down, so they can began the tradition of Trick-or-treating; which is the most exciting part of Halloween. Hopefully all underage drinkers and adults who are drinking who are partying tonite will be safe, and Halloween will be enjoyable for everyone.

Its funny to me how different age groups react to Halloween, for younger children up to the age of about eleven, Halloween is all about dressing like a princess, or a superhero, or something funny or cute and getting all the free candy you can imagine. For the teenagers and young adults crowd Halloween is the one night girls can dress like total hoochies and no one can say anything about it; and for the guys, they are allowed to be as obnoxious as they want. Costume companies even make outfits for girls as short and barely covering anything as much as they can, this is just absoulutly halarious that these woman spend over fifty dollars on a piece of fabric that is supposed to be a costume of a poilice officer. However, woman just cant stop, they love that feeling of sexiness they get and the more attention their costume attracts the better.

Basically, as you grow up Halloween begins to have a different meaning and appeal to you. First you start off just wanting all the free candy, but then it turns into hoochie night to tease all the guys. Hopefully people of all ages have a great time tonight and a safe one too, to all out there Happy Halloween!


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