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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Time...You Know What That Means

Its October 31st, all Hallows eve is here and everyone from ages 1-90 years old is excited. Children anxiously await school to be over and the sun to go down, so they can began the tradition of Trick-or-treating; which is the most exciting part of Halloween. Hopefully all underage drinkers and adults who are drinking who are partying tonite will be safe, and Halloween will be enjoyable for everyone.

Its funny to me how different age groups react to Halloween, for younger children up to the age of about eleven, Halloween is all about dressing like a princess, or a superhero, or something funny or cute and getting all the free candy you can imagine. For the teenagers and young adults crowd Halloween is the one night girls can dress like total hoochies and no one can say anything about it; and for the guys, they are allowed to be as obnoxious as they want. Costume companies even make outfits for girls as short and barely covering anything as much as they can, this is just absoulutly halarious that these woman spend over fifty dollars on a piece of fabric that is supposed to be a costume of a poilice officer. However, woman just cant stop, they love that feeling of sexiness they get and the more attention their costume attracts the better.

Basically, as you grow up Halloween begins to have a different meaning and appeal to you. First you start off just wanting all the free candy, but then it turns into hoochie night to tease all the guys. Hopefully people of all ages have a great time tonight and a safe one too, to all out there Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Save Gas Money by Loosing Weight

It has been recently discovered that skinnier people save money on gas, how is this possible? A study has proven that "Americans are burning one billion more gallons of gasoline each year than the aid in 1960 because of their expanding waist lines. Simply put, more weight in the car means lower gas mileage." Basically, by less weight in the car, the less gas consumption by your car.
Since obeseity is a rising problem in America, Gas prices are also increasing; which means more people go through gas more qucikly and have to spend money on gas more often. Luckily, for the thinner and in shape Americans gas prices are not really a problem because they fuel up less then over weight people. This is an amazing and a crazy theory, but it has been proven true that people who are not overweight do not spend as much money on gas. Now, researchers are not saying you must loose weight to save money, but it is a good idea for famalies and people on budgets or who may travel a lot. Our basic solution by a scientist is "Eating less, driving less and choosing more active means of transportation would reduce gas consumption, and also reverse rising obesity rates"; how amazing this would be!

SJSU Student Finalist

Recently, five SJSU students were named finalist in the Chevy Superbowl Ad contest. I am super ecstatic and happy for these five students, for this is the chance of a lifetime. This only proves that SJSU has an amazing Public Relations and Mass Communications department full of talented students who will take on the future and bring many great things to our media.
I am sure all SJSU students and faculty members are very proud of these students, and proud that our college SJSU will be proven worthy towards other UC's and higher colleges that claim they are the best colleges, well obviously they are about to be proven wrong. I know these five students will be amazing, and hopefully they will win the achievement of a lifetime and have theur ad chosen by Chevy to play on the Superbowl. Hopefully all of us our keeping these students in our prayers and hopes that they do well in Detroit, and we all need to wish them the best. Congradualtions you top five students of SJSU, we are all so proud of you.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hollywoods Fight against Pirates

Pirates, or people who camcord illegally; are Hollywoods newest enemy. These pirate'ers have cost the worlwide motion picture industry 18.2 billion dollar lost last year, and Hollywood is not too happy about that. The scary thing is that these pirate'ers are becoming more clever at their criminal job. The bootleg movies are becoming better in resolution and sensitivity to motion, which is causing a bigger problem for the motion picture industry.
Hollywood studios are trying to discover a solution to getting rid of pirates, and making sure bootleg are no longer able to get into the hands of movie lovers. With these pirates selling bootleg copies of movies still in theaters for a cheaper price, people no longer want to go to the movies; instead they would rather buy the DVD and stay at home. This is Hollywoods biggest fear, because without consumers going to the theaters and paying money to watch the movies, no income is being produced, which leades to even bigger problems.
These pirates are criminals and a burden to society, they are causing the Hollywood world wide motion picture industry a lot of money, and they are stealing the fun of going to the theaters to see a movie. Hopefully soon, these pirates will be caught and be punished for the illegal and criminal acts they are committing.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Howard Stern

We all know who he is and what he does on the radio, the crazy and opionionated Howard Stern is a legend on the radio. Howard Stern is one guy who does not care about the consequences of any of his actions, and he tells it like it is. He has made a statement in using radio as a communication medium by voicing his blunt opinions on topics; which are true but are never voiced to the public by anyone else since most are too scared.

When you listen to his show on satellite radio its nothing but enetrtainment and comedy, but on true topics of everyday life. Stern gives his blunt opinions on celebrities, sports, politics, and even the government; he doesnt care what people will think about his opinions which is why people love him. Stern has changed the radio by making the radio a form of communication for people to just be themselves on his show, and voice their opionions no matter how blunt, rude, or just outrageous they are; it is stil an opinion of your own and freedom of speech is golden. Stern sends a message across to people which says: "Dont be afraid to say what you want, because there is probably several people who feel the same. Voice your opinions to all people, who cares what others will think". For this, Stern is very famous and a legend on the radio for making such a bold statement and having a show that people love to listen too.

Stern is without a doubt a unique character, and a hero to many people for what he does. There are plenty of people who respect him and love his show where he talks about real life issues and gossip in our society. Even though many may hate Howard Stern for what he does or says on his show, he is still a legend, and there will never be anyone to replace the blunt and crazy many, Howard Stern.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The 3 Most Important Programs Ever Created

When you think of televison, you will realize that there are so many television shows that it's hard to keep track. The numerous soap operas, cartoons, informative shows, and the ever so popular reality tv shows. However, when you stop and think about all the shows taking over the air waves, have you ever wondered which ones are really important and meaningful to all people. Even though there are many shows on different channels that are informative and helpful to people, the three most important shows on televison are the news channels, the cooking channels, and the discovery channel.

The news channels are definitly one of the most important programs ever created. Without the news people all over would never be informed of what is going on in our world. We would be clueless to the latest issues or crisis's of the world, and we would never be in touch with any lives outside our own. The news also informs people of crimes in their neighboorhoods and how to be safe in and out of their homes. Without the news people would also never know the weather forcast; this is the most important part of the news to me because it is important to know the weather. Without knowing the weather how would people plan their days in the winter and summer, and be prepared for a rain storm or a scorching hot day. The news channels are very important to our society and all people around the world, because it keeps us informed of what is going on around the world and in our own communities.

Besides the news channels, the cooking channels are also just as important; and is definitly one of the most important programs ever created. The cooking channel is an aid and even the god of all kitchen and cooking fans. Without the cooking channel men and women who love to cook would not be able to learn and gain ideas to cook. However, these channels also benefit the people who cannot cook at all, without cooking channels mothers who have no clue how to cook would never be able to feed their famaily a home cook meal; besides macaroni and cheese and top ramen noodles. Many famalies have gained a lot of knowledge on cooking from these channels and have a great famaily time creating delicious meals of all kind.

The Discovery channel is without a doubt one of the most important and informative program on the air waves. I personally love the discovery channel, every show they air is informative and you learn so much. I recently watched a show on the discovery channel about the fishers that catch the fish that we buy in grocery stores. I never ever knew the dangerous and life risking job they have, but still keep to support their famalies or just because they love to fish. I have never once watched the discovery channel and did not learn a something, and for many that is the same case. The Discovery channel teaches both adults and kids that watch their shows lessons about life, and helps them gain knowledge about specific events or lives of important people.

Televison has many shows that take over the airwaves, and many are purely for enjoyment, and others are informative. However, the most important ones are definitly the news, cooking, and discovery channel. These channels are informative and helpful to all people, which makes them the three most important programs ever created.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My Super Expensive Sweet Sixteen

MTV is definitly known for their popular music and reality shows; such as TRL, Real World, and Road Rules. However, their new reality show "My Super Sweet Sixteen" just makes me mad and sets exaggerated standards for a super sweet sixteen party.

The kids on this show have parents who are filthy rich and basically go above and beyond for their sixteenth birthday party. The parties have four important aspects: the place for the party, the entertainment, the outfit, and the entrance. Their parties are hosted at expensive high class hotels, with lots of food and entertainment such as acrobats, strippers, dancers, models, and even celebrity performances; such as Rihanna, Ciara, and Sugracult. Of course, the birthday boy or girl buys the most expensive dress or outfit and sometimes even two or more outfits for the night and buy outfits for their friends. Then, the entrance is the most important thing, one girl even came in to her party in a helicopter...why? The part that gets me the most, is at the end of every show the birthday boy or girl always recieves a new car, and not just any new car; but a BMW or a Mercedes.

These rich and spoiles kids are put on this show to make all teenage boy or girl want a party just like their, but god knows very few parents can give a ten thousand dollar birthday party. It is not fair for the parents, and the child is let down because they are not filthy rich to spend all kinds of money for a birthday party. Teenagers are brainwashed by this exaggerated version of a super sweet sixteen, and sets their standards way too high, which puts the parents under a lot of pressure to deliver a birthday party that is special and memorable for their child. However, these teenagers that watch the show need to realize their parties do not need to be over half a million dollars for it to be great and memorable, they should be thankful for having a birthday party and be satisfied with what their parents do for them on their special day of turning sixteen, no celebrities or acrobats needed.

World of Brainwash

Sure, video games are a form of entertainment, however, for one video game it' not just entertaining; it is brainwashing. The computer video game World Of Warcraft has taken over the lives of many children, teenagers, and even adults. The game has these poor people playing for hours, and forgetting about life outside and away from the computer. Kids dont do their homework or ever want to play outside and socialize with other kids, and adults play and don't do anything productive or valuable with their time. I really have not figured out why and how this game is so addicting, but it is definitly ruining the lives of people one at a time.

Recently, I asked an addicted and brainwashed warcraft player why it is so addicting. He responded by saying "there is no real reason why it is addciting, it's just you can't stop playing because you want to get better gear and get to the next level, which makes you want to keep playing to get to this highest level. Mainly it's the feeling you get when get better and reach new level." Another addicted player said: " When I play Warcraft I get to become a new person or character and experience a different life in new perspectives. I don't have to be myself when I play warcraft, I am someone important, who matters to people in the game, and I love that feeling." Obviously, it is only game and it is not healthy for human beings to be so addictive to a computer game and be brainwashed to believe they are doing something important and valuable with their lives by not ever being outside being active, socializing with other people, and even bathing. World of Warcraft players never leave their computer unless it is to go to the bathroom, grab a snack to eat while they play, and go to work or school. I even know someone who goes home on their work lunch break just to play.

World of Warcraft is not healthy for people, and it only causes the players to lose touch of the outside world, and forget about the important things in life. Hopefully, soon, we will be able to figure out why and how this game is so addiciting and brainwashing to humans, before it is too late.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Really Good Book

I recently just finished reading "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini; and I thought it was the best novel I have ever read. Usually, it is really hard for me to read a book and enjoy it enough to want to finish it and never put it down. However, this book was exciting and filled with saddness and action from cover to cover. I really enjoyed this book because of the great detail of everything, and the story of the book really made me realize how hard life is in Afghanistan.
The author really makes you picture how life was then and now before the Russian invasion, and the brutal attacks of the Taliban. How people lived peacefully; even though there were still racism issues against different people, there was still no fear of being murdered for no good reason at all. Then when the Taliban came people were forced out of their homes, lost everything, and had to make a new life somewhere else. For the characters in the story, they fled to America where they try to make ends meet, being an immigrant in America is not easy. The main character Amir, then returns to the home he fled at age thirteen with his father to take care of unfinished buisness, and how his home has changed for the worse is just unbearable to imagine. Public executions for entertainment, Taliban murdering people for no reason, and orphanges over packed with children who's parents have been murdered by the trecherous Taliban. I loved how every aspect of the story was explained with such great detail.
This book has definitly become one of my favorite books, it really made me realize how wrong I was about Afghanistan; their lives are much more difficult than ours will ever be. Hopefully all people who pick up this book to read will feel the same way I feel now about all the innocent people and children livivng overseas, and want to do something about it.